Fright Night band was founded at the end of 2005 by its guitarist Marianna Lukianova.In October 2006 Fright Night found their lead voice - a singer Alexey Ovsiyenko (Ergil). Marianna started singing back vocals. The crew being gathered the band started playing lives and soon all lyrics language entirely changed into english. Ergil is the co-author and translator for the lyrics even to this moment.

In February 2007 band members started recording a mini-album under the name "Inspired". It was done by mid-summer and contained four songs - "Black", "The Letter Of The End", "Rainbow Demon" and "The Cross And The Pyre". All of these songs were later released on a full album.

During that time the band was bent to classic gothic rock - the sound was dominated by low male voice and clean or lightly overdriven guitars. Never the less complex keyboard parts and tempo changes together with melodic diversity became band's hallmark and set it's music apart from others.

In general the year 2008 was successful for Fright Night: the band took the third place in nomination "discovery of the year" as a result of voting on gothic.ru website, performed in Tver, Rostov-na-Donu, took part in such festivals as " Children Of The Night: The Black Rada 5" in Kiev (Ukraine), the First Russian goth..deathrock Fest in Saint Petersburg together with Slovak band The Last Days Of Jesus and in several events organized by Russian Gothic Project. Their song, "The Cross and The Pyre" was published in German compilation "Crawling Tunes".

The band went on performing in Moscow and many other cities and towns. Fright Night had luck to be on stage with such bands as To Die For, Das Ich, Theatres Des Vampires. Their song "The Summon" was published in the USA in "Lunar Sea" compilation (Shinto Records).

On 1 February 2010 Jetnoise label released Fright Night's first album "The Play Of Pain". Its presentation took place in Tochka club on 1 May.

On 22 November 2010 there was an official release of the album on British label Ravenheart music. "The Play Of Pain" received plenty of positive references in Russian and in foreign informal magazines. In spring 2010 Sonic Cathedral label (USA) and Sleaszy Rider label (Greece) started distributing the album.

In the end of 2010 changes in the lineup of the band again took place: the singer Alexey decided to dedicate his whole time to studying academic singing and to classical music. Also the band parted with Vadim by mutual desire. From that moment Fright Night either played with sessional drummer or used electronic drums.

The most memorable events of 2011 are - a live gig with Theatres des Vampires, a somewhat provocative morning photo shoot and a trip to the open air festival "Рок на Мече" [Rock na meche].

From November 2010 to September 2011 the singer of Fright Night was Igor Pelin. Due to certain circumstances a decision has been made in September to cease further collaboration with him. Band members didn't try looking for a new singer and work began on the new live programme with female voice in the lead. Never the less on the second album male voice is still performed by Alexey Ovsiyenko as was initially planned. To help Marianna do both singing and guitar playing a second guitarist was introduced to the band which invitably led to heavier overall sound.

In November 2011 the band recorded a cover song "Copycat" (originally by Lacrimosa).

In 2012 two more singles were released - "Sister" and "Speak to me". These were recorded together with members of Mea Vita project - Mila Abramova and Marina Tscherba, Marina being also a keyboard player in Fright Night. Russian lyrics and harmony of three female voices put these songs totally apart from the rest.

On 14 May 2014 the second full-scale album "Life Eternal" was released. The CD is distributed by Sound Age Productions.

The band is:

Marianna Lukianova - guitars, vocals

Marina Scherba - keys

Alexey Ovsiyenko - vocals (sessionally)

Sergey Ivlichev - guitars, back vocals


The ex-members:

Mityai - keys, vocals; Andjey Zelentsov - drums; Artiom Rozanov - bass; Svetlana Polyanina - keys; Vladimir Stepanov - bass; Vadim Mironov - drums; Irina Lebedenko - keys; Igor Pelin - vocals; Nikolay Shevelev - bass; Alexey Mihailov - guitars; Victor Kaesh - bass.


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