Photos by Natalia M., 23.06.2013
Live in FM-club 03.01.2013, photos by Ilona Radaeva
HIM-party in Relax club 24.11.2012, photos by Anna Moon
Photos by Vampidor (Anahit), 28.05.2012
24.06.2012, Vermel club (by Anatoliy Chuvelev)
18.03.2012, Kasta club (by Anatoliy Chuvelev and Pavel Kuznetsov)
22.02.2010, photos by Eva Ivanova
Our presentation of "The Play Of Pain" in Tochka club, Moscow, 01.05.2010 (by Page)
Photos by Anna Vampidor, makeup by Tamara
14.02.2010, Yaroslavl, Avangard club (by Victor Soloviov)
04.10.2009, Relax club
Live in Tochka club, 08.08.2009
Photos by Anna Vampidor, makeup by Aivi
Supporting To/Die/For, 23.02.2009, Relax club
Halloween 02.11.2008, Strangel club. (by Snakepit)
In concerts...
Gothic party in Tochka club, 10.02.2008. (by Nick Raven и Mendor)
Live in Archeologia club, 4.08.2007 (by - Junkers)
13.05.2007, photosession by Karrr
Live in U-too, 13.04.2007 (by Karrr)
11.03.2007, photosession by Despair

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