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Fright Night "Life Eternal"


Making it our review stack, today we have Russia’s Fright Night and their sophomore release “Life Eternal”. Featuring a keyboard-driven Gothic Rock/Metal style, the band nicely blends elements of other groups like Lacrimosa, Lacrimas Profundere, and End of Green, but keeps their sound timeless with a high atmospheric emphasis. Clocking in at 45 minute, this release consists of nine tracks that will surely please any fan of the genre.

Opening with lush atmospheric elements and prominent keyboards, “Cherry Blossom” is one of those bleak sounding tracks that is both catchy and dark. The usage of three different vocal styles is quiet solid, and the main female/male singers do a great job in fusing their vocals in several brilliant dual sections. The album mood is quite melancholic and tracks like “Gerda” and “Numb” bring us back to some of the early days of Gothic Metal from bands like Edge of Sanity.

Marina Scherba’s keyboards are the band’s signature staple alongside the excellent vocal melodies that they write, something that is easily demonstrated in tracks like “Infernity” and “Cinema Star”. Besides the band’s core sound, elements like the intricate guitar leads of “Fatality” and “Ice” greatly elevate the music to new levels and provide diversity amongst a genre that can be repetitive at times.

Closing with our personal favorites “Galatea” and “Towards New Light”, we are left extremely pleased with this release. The band has a timeless sound that is both true to Gothic Rock and Gothic Metal, making them quite a treat to listen to. If you like somber vocals (male and female) paired with excellent keyboard arrangements and solid guitars/drums, you better check out “Life Eternal” and keep Fright Night under your radar.


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